Part of a series of books which examines real-life stories that have made newspaper headlines around the world, this looks at cults. Other titles available include “The World’s Greatest Blunders” and “The World’s Greatest Crooks and Conmen”.

Part of a series of books which examines real-life stories that have made newspaper headlines around the world, this looks at royal scandles. Other titles available include “The World’s Greatest Blunders” and “The World’s Greatest Cults”.

During World War II, Germany had a secret weapon – a cricket team. Defeating the MCC would crush British morale. But they could not get a fixture. At the end of the war, the cricket team vanished. But in 1953, people who know part of the story of the SS Cricket Team are mysteriously gathered on a German cruise ship sailing out of Baltimore named, coincidentally, the SS Cricketteam. Then, one by one, they are murdered. Who is doing it? And why? And what is the secret destination of the voyage…

Roll up! For the Magical Mythery Tour, step right this way, back to London, 1983, where Layla Laycock, ex-super-groupie turned journalist, will do anything for a story. When the ravens are stolen from the Tower of London and their ancient curse befalls Britain, Layla chases the big scoop to find the ravens and discover if ex-Beagles star Joe Lemmon really is the reincarnation of King Arthur…

A study of the religious icons of Eastern Europe both as works of art and objects of workship. It charts the history of the icon from the earliest days of formalized Christianity to its zenith in Imperial Russia. It features trace pages and a metallic fifth colour and is intended as an introductory work on the subject.

These lavishly produced books celebrate visual art from around the world, displaying vibrant collections of magnificently reproduced masterworks. Each book traces the evolution of the genre, its recurring themes and subjects, plus masters, movements, and influences. The books themselves are works of art, including special touches such as metallic papers and inks with printed trace paper inserts to highlight details.

Offering small tastes from many dishes, this introductory survey touches first on the history and geography of North America and then on the art of the peoples of the various regions: arctic and subarctic, northwest seaboard, great plains and plateau.

The diverse art of the Indian sub-continent spans many centuries and a variety of styles, which are all presented in this text. It covers the major movements that have influenced and affected the face of modern India: Hindu art from the temples and literature of one of the world’s oldest religions; the rise of sculpture and monumental art from the Mauryan dynasty; Bhuddist shrines and Jainism; the Mughals and Islamic art, featuring the rich, exotic paintings and mosques from this period.

This book is a lavishly presented celebration of the classic Japanese art of woodblock prints. Through the 18th and 19th centuries this form dominated visual art in Japan and remains today as a major influence on the graphic arts.After a short introduction to the history and technique of this art form, the book features a stunning collection of beautifully reproduced examples of masterpieces of the genre — accompanied by short biographies of the artists — many of which are already familiar images the world over.

What do the rich and famous really get up to behind closed doors? When does sexual passion become sordid perversion? Who are history’s most shocking deviants and what are their sex secrets? The pages of this book reveal 45 shocking, scandalous – and often disturbing – stories of promiscuity and sexual perversion throughout the ages. Uncovered here are the orgies of Cleopatra and the incest of the Romans; the darkest fantasies of Michelangelo and the gross indecencies of the Marquis de Sade; as well as the insatiable desires of Rasputin, the degrading fetishes of Adolf Hitler, the unashamed exhibitionism of Tallulah Bankhead and the dirty thrills of Elvis Presley. ‘Sordid Sex Lives’ offers an insight into the shocking practices in which so many famous men and women have participated in. What motivates these sexual desires? Were they ever considered ‘normal’? And what happened to those whose filthy secrets were found out? Bursting with real-life accounts, this is the most explicit and shocking account of the sex lives of history’s most notorious characters.

Who really was Jack the Ripper? Was he a solitary assassin lurking in the shadows of gaslit London? Or was Jack the Ripper three men: two killers and an accomplice? In this work the author investigates all aspects of this strange case shrouded in mystery and misconception. The discovery of the murders is described by the men who were there, and evidence reveals that the hitherto unsolved Ripper murders were in fact a culmination of a full-scale cover-up organized at the highest level of government.