Virginia Giuffre: The Extraordinary Life Story of the ‘Playtoy’ who Pursued and Ended the Crimes of Millionaires Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

Virginia (Roberts) Giuffre’s all-American childhood came to an abrupt end by sexual abuse at the age of 7. After her mother exiled her to a school for troubled youth, she ran away to a life on the streets. The FBI rescued her when she was 14 from a violent pedophile and her life seemed to return to normal with a job as spa attendant at Donald Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago in Florida. It was there that the teenager was approached by the elegant jet-setter Ghislaine Maxwell who said her millionaire partner Jeffrey Epstein would like to sponsor her to become a professional masseuse… This is the first book to tell Virginia’s own extraordinary, tale as an abused penniless high-school drop-out and how she was able to outsmart her rich underage-sex predators and forced an end to their crimes.