Voices of the Vanquished: The German and Japanese Experience of World War II

True accounts of World War II through the eyes of German and Japanese soldiers.

‘The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else and nobody was going to bomb them. At Rotterdam, London, Warsaw, and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naïve theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.’ – Sir Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris, commander in Chief of the Royal Air Force’s Bomber Command, speaking in 1942

The wind that Germany sowed with its blitzkrieg – and Japan with its attack on Pearl Harbour – were reaped by their people as the allied forces retaliated. Soldiers and civilians alike were killed, maimed, widowed, orphaned and made homeless, their countries devastated and their cities destroyed. Fascinating and enlightening, Voices of the Vanquished uses the authentic voices of the people whose power-hungry and delusional leaders led them to disaster.

‘Gripping stuff, and a rare opportunity to understand the conflict from a different perspective.’ The Good Book Guide