Against Their Will

Its every parent’s worst fear, but it also makes for the most compelling stories of strength and courage. Here are the appallingly true tales of horrific kidnappings and torturous ordeals suffered by helpless girls – as well as every excruciating and yet amazing detail of how they managed to survive. Delving into the minds of twisted criminals who hold young women in endless captivity and telling every excruciating detail of the brave survivors’ stories, “Against Their Will” is the first comprehensive compendium to describe the most disturbing kidnappings of all time. There’s Jaycee Lee Dugard, who lived in her captor’s backyard in a California suburb for 18 horrifying years, and Elizabeth Smart, taken from her bed in Salt Lake City and forced to marry a religious fanatic. “Against Their Will” presents minute-by-minute accounts of the abductions and the year-by-year suffering of these young victims who went through every woman’s worst nightmare and lived to tell the tale. Covering infamous cases as well as lesser-known abductions, this collection of terrifying ordeals is the first of its kind. It even probes the bizarre instances when the kidnapper’s family is complicit, as with Colleen Stan, whose captor Cameron Hooker kept her as a sex slave with permission from his wife. It also profiles serial kidnappers such as John Jamelske and Gary Heidnik, who committed this perverse crime 11 times between them.