The Battle of Midway (True Combat)

One bomb hit the Japanese carrier Akagi amidships, ripping through the hangar deck and exploding amidst the stored torpedoes, carelessly stowed bombs and refuelling tanks, setting off secondary explosions. A second set the planes on the flight deck ablaze. The stern was shattered, the rudder useless and, as the huge ship lurched drunkenly around, Japanese officers begged the stunned admiral to abandon the blazing hulk…

Read about the dramatic Battle of Midway in the Pacific Ocean during World War II in this tale of True Combat. An account filled with the courage of war, and interwoven with first hand experiences that take you into the heart of battle.

Short, sharp, and true to life, Chronicles of War describe the battles and relate the close-up combat experiences of war in an exciting, quick to read format. Each title in the series provides gripping, unforgettable insights into the minute by minute confrontations, extreme heroism and terrible brutality of the greatest conflicts the world has known.