Sex Lives of the Great Dictators

Power corrupts; absolute power is even more fun. At least that’s what many of the world’s great dictators found. Sex Lives of the Great Dictators is a look at the bedroom antics of the most powerful, and some of the most evil, men in history. Napoleon said: “Not tonight, Josephine”, but only because he was busy entertaining other women. Mao Tse-tung was the greatest womaniser the world has ever known. On Saturday nights he would fill the Olympic-sized swimming pool in the Forbidden City with naked 18-year olds and go for a dip. Lenin returned to Russia in the closed train in 1917 with his wife and two mistresses. Like Kennedy, Benito got the whole thing over with in seconds; unlike Kennedy, he was romantic and serenaded his conquests with a violin. And Hitler? Well, as you would expect, he was just plain weird. Five of his lovers committed suicide because of his questionable practices. Now re-jacketed and fully updated with riveting revelations on Saddam Hussein and South Korea’s Kim Chong II, this is ‘one history lesson you are unlikely to forget.’ (Northern Echo)