Sex Lives of the Famous Gays

Over the years some gay men, such as Oscar Wilde, suffered for their sexuality. Others, such as Quentin Crisp, made a career out of it. Noel Coward could not have been more camp. J. Edgar Hoover hid his sexuality whilst openly persecuting other homosexuals, T. E. Lawrence probably died because he could not come to terms with his sexual needs. Joe Orton died because his partner could not accept them, while for Japanese novelist Yukio Mishima death itself was a sexual act. Sex Lives of the Famous Gays contains a richly diverse collection of gay lives – from the noble and heroic, through the comically camp to the compellingly creepy. Its cast includes poets, playwrights, novelists, soldiers, dancers, film directors, actors, entertainers and models. Like the other books in the Sex Lives series, Sex Lives of the Famous Gays aims to excite and amuse, while giving a genuine insight into the characters of those people who have shaped our history and culture.