Outraged of Tunbridge Wells: Original Complaints from Middle England

SIR At the request of the Southborough Football Club, I have decided to treat the letters of Leaguer with the contempt they deserve. SIR Tunbridge Wells has been trying to make the place agreeable to the visitors how do you think the South-Eastern Railway Company did their part? Why, by having the paths covered with fresh liquid tar. The British have always loved to complain and we do it very well. But the people of Tunbridge Wells turned it into an art that became a figure of speech: ‘disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’;. This first-ever collection of letters culled from the archive of the defunct Tunbridge Wells Advertiser, shows what makes complaining so much fun. Decrying everything from telephones to shoddy pavements and excessive singing, and providing irritable, entertaining and often touching missives, Outraged of Tunbridge Wells encapsulates the charm, compassion, mischief and madness of our nation.