Deadly Skies (True Combat)

Just after 2100 hours, the mission’s leader Wing Commander Guy Gibson gave the signal. The red light went on and the Merlin engines of the thirteen Lancaster bombers roared into life. They had been in intensive training for eight weeks for the most famous bombing raid of World War II. RAF 617 squadron, the Dambusters, were finally ready to go…

Read about the RAF’s daring Dambusters mission, along with the bombing and defence of London in the Battle of Britain and the merciless Bombing of Dresden by the Allied Air Forces in this 3 in 1 True Combat Compendium. Three accounts filled with the courage of war, and interwoven with first hand experiences that take you into the heart of battle.

Short, sharp, and true to life, Chronicles of War describe the battles and relate the close-up combat experiences of World War II in an exciting, quick to read format. Each title in the series provides gripping, unforgettable insights into the minute-by-minute confrontations, extreme heroism and terrible brutality of the greatest conflict the world has ever known.

INCLUDED: The Battle of Britain and the London Blitz. The Dambusters Raid. The Devastation of Dresden.