Battle of Guadalcanal (True Combat)

Three days later a Japanese force landed at night. They ambushed a 26-man patrol, cutting the Marines down with hidden machine guns. The three survivors who made it back told their fellow Marines that the wounded had been hacked to death with sabres. From then on, the Marines decided they would be every bit as brutal…

Read about the US Marine Landings on Guadalcanal; the desperate fight to take and defend Henderson Field; and the long bloody Final Assaults in this 3 in 1 True Combat Compendium. Three accounts filled with the courage of war, and interwoven with first hand narrative that takes you into the heart of battle.

Short, sharp, and true to life, Chronicles of War describe the campaigns, battles and close-up combat experiences of World War II in an exciting, quick to read format. Each title in the series provides gripping, intimate insights into the violent confrontations, extreme heroism and terrible brutality of the greatest conflict the world has ever known.

INCLUDED: The Landings. Henderson Field. The Final Assaults.