Battle for Berlin (True Combat)

In the bunker, the Führer still believed he could win the war. The Russian Red Army was ruthlessly rolling from the east towards the gates of Berlin. Overhead, British and American bombers were attacking in force. While outside, the corpses of dead German deserters were hanging from the lamp-posts. Hitler’s death squads were in the streets to the very end…

Read about the Race for Berlin between the Allied armies; the Downfall of Berlin and of Hitler; and The Surrender of Berlin and of the Third Reich in this 3 in 1 True Combat Compendium. Three accounts filled with the courage of war, and interwoven with first hand narrative that takes you into the heart of battle.

Short, sharp, and true to life, Chronicles of War describe the campaigns, battles and close-up combat experiences of World War II in an exciting, quick to read format. Each title in the series provides gripping, intimate insights into the violent confrontations, extreme heroism and terrible brutality of the greatest conflict the world has ever known.

INCLUDED: The Race for Berlin. The Downfall of Berlin. The Surrender of Berlin.