How did a former Austrian corporal in the Bavarian army with no apparent gift for leadership or strategy become the leader of one of the most civilized countries in Europe and turn it into a nightmare state? This is an accessible, concise and penetrating analysis of Adolf Hitler, the most enigmatic figure of the 20th century. Drawing on sound psychological principles and the latest research into the causes and nature of aberrant personalities, Hitler: the Psychiatric Files presents revealing insights into one of the world s most murderous dictators.This book explains how Hitler s childhood framed his view of the world and led to his Messiah complex. The Third Reich was a manifestation of Hitler s neurotic personality, his megalomania and desire for destruction. This book explains the tyrant that ran it, and the demons that ran him. Hitler was an actor on the world stage. These pages reveal the public face and the private man, his sexual relationships, the dark pathology of a ‘Man with a Mission’, and the psychopathology which influenced his actions and reactions throughout the war years along with the personality types he attracted into his inner circle. Fully illustrated in full colour.